Frequently Asked Questions about HCRT...


 If the following information does not answer your questions about the club or our new website, please check out Contact Us and/or Board of Directors under About the Club on the menu. 

  1. What about this website?
    Our website is hosted by a commercial website provider (AlumniMagnet) that specializes in serving alumni communities. This feature-rich environment will make it possible for HCRT to do more to bring Harvard alumni together. You are able to pay dues and buy event tickets on line. Your membership directory is now an on-line directory and you have the ability to update your own profile and determine which items to share with other members.
  2. How did the club get my name and email address?
    If you have been an active member during the last decade or so, we have information about you in our club database - usually information that you provided. Otherwise, the information was given to us by the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) for use in soliciting for membership and advertising major club-related events. If you do not wish to receive emails from the club in the future, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list.
  3. What is the on-line membership directory? Who can view it?
    In the past, one of the most popular benefits of being an active member of HCRT was the printed membership directory distributed as the "little red book." From now on, the membership directory will be available as a searchable, online list of area alumni based on information previously provided to HCRT or to the HAA. The only people who will be able to view this information will be current (i.e., dues-paying) members of HCRT who, by definition, are verified members of the Harvard community of alumni. In other words, the same people who can access this information on the HAA website. Once you are a registered user of this site, you will be able to update this information and determine whether to share all (or any) of it with other users.
  4. Who is eligible for membership in HCRT?
    Alumni of Harvard College, Harvard University graduate schools and Harvard University programs who are listed as alumni by the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA) are eligible for membership (see Membership/Join).
  5. What is our policy for publishing news and events?
    We publish news and event information relevant to the Club's mission and we avoid publishing political, commercial and other non-club related material. If you have something you'd like us to promote, please contact our IT/Communications committee.