Harvard Prize Book

About the Award
Established in 1910, the Harvard Prize Book program is an important way for the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle to recognize outstanding local high school juniors and encourage qualified students to consider applying to Harvard College.

Harvard Prize Books are awarded annually to high school juniors selected by the faculty of each participating high school. The selection is based on academic excellence, significant contribution to school or community, and exceptional personal qualities.

Students receiving the honor will be presented with a book by a noted Harvard author or about a Harvard related subject. The book chosen for the 2020 award is “The Harvard Book", by the late William Bentinck-Smith AB ’37,  a collection of passages and quotations about Harvard.

Through the Harvard Prize Book, we hope to raise the visibility of Harvard College among local high schools and to encourage outstanding North Carolinian students to consider applying to Harvard.

Sponsor a Prize Book 

Over 170 public local high schools have had an applicant to Harvard, and your support by sponsoring a Prize Book will allow the club to greatly expand the program. The cost of sponsorship is $30 per school, and the Prize Book holds a commemorative bookplate identifying the sponsor as well as the recipient. Many high schools welcome the sponsor to present the book at the school’s award ceremony, and we strongly encourage sponsors to interact with their local high schools.

Schools participating in the 2020 program with sponsors are listed here. This list will be updated periodically with individual sponsors.

If you would like to sponsor a book award please click here and note the school you would like to sponsor in the Special Instructions field. We can only accept one sponsor per school and, unless otherwise requested, additional sponsors will be assigned a school if possible.

Questions? Please contact our Prize Book Committee.