Interviewing Applicants to Harvard College


Please Join Us!

The Schools and Scholarships Committee is seeking new members for what promises to be another great year for our region. Graduates of Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges and recent grads are especially helpful, but our committee is open to all Harvard graduates in our region, from Hillsborough to the Outer Banks.

Each year, many more students apply to the College than can possibly be admitted, but the personal interview reliably provides an opportunity for a meaningful conversation between our alumni/ae and some very inspiring young North Carolinians. This pleasant duty allows us to provide a real service to the Office of Admissions, have a say in Harvard’s future, serve as a resource in our communities, and support quality education in North Carolina.

Interviews are assigned, and reports submitted, via an on-line system that makes the logistical aspects of the process quite simple. The admissions office asks that each interviewer complete from 4 to 6 interviews per year, with interviews typically lasting about 45 minutes. Depending upon one’s level of interest and willingness to take an occasional interview in areas where we are currently understaffed, a yearly commitment of about 15 hours is a reasonable expectation.

Our committee’s rate of interview completion is among the best in the nation, but with your help, we can do even more to encourage some of North Carolina's most promising secondary school students and to support Harvard’s outreach to talented students from all locations and backgrounds.

If you would like to become an interviewer, please fill out the Harvard Interviewer Registration form attached to the following link:  Afterward, you will be contacted by Harvard Admissions to verify interviewer eligibility.  

If you have questions, please contact committee chair, John Kim, at