The Harvard Club of the Research Triangle awarded the Harvard Prize Book Award to nine outstanding high school juniors during the month of May.  Our recipients spanned our region from the Triangle to the coast.  Peruse the descriptions below (provided by each student's high school) to learn about some of the amazing things these rising high school seniors have done.  Fantastic! 

While the Award Sponsors and Book Prize committee usually strive to personally award the book at the school’s award ceremony, this year, some awards were presented in person and some were presented virtually.  Thanks to all our sponsors!

Nic Cazin

Wakefield High School (Raleigh)


Nic Cazin shines in the English classroom and approaches classwork with passion and creativity.  Nic's contributions to classroom discussions display curiosity and determination.  As Co-Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Nic leads with enthusiasm and professionalism.  Nic will put aside personal work to help staff writers at a moment's notice.  As a junior, Nic is taking steps to prepare for a future in the English field.


Broughton High School (Raleigh)


Cameron Fountain is a Straight A student in Broughton's IB Diploma Programme with a 4.5313 GPA. She is committed to excellence in her academics and has a tremendous love of learning. Cameron was selected to participate in the Governor's School Summer Program this year for Social Sciences, and plays golf and soccer for Broughton. She is a leader in the classroom and community, serving on class council as well as our Caps Camp leadership staff. We are proud to have her represent our student body as Broughton's Harvard Book Prize recipient for 2023.


JH Rose High School (Greenville)

Jordan Bowen is a student whose attention to detail and pursuit of knowledge has led him to excel in his academic career. From reading to researching to writing to presenting, Jordan consistently holds himself to the highest standards. In addition to his outstanding scholarship, Jordan’s capacity for empathy and integrity also stands out among his peers.  


valentina fratacangeli

Heritage High (Wake Forest)

It is evident by her transcript that she is extremely academically motivated, earning all As in honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and college courses throughout her high school career. She consistently pursues academic enrichment opportunities and, at the same time, she is committed to enrich the lives of others.  She's been an active girl scout for twelve years and counting and she's a stand-out leader in our school's Husky Ambassador program.  Her teachers describe her as an energetic, fantastic critical thinker.  They add that her thirst for knowledge is driven by her desire to improve the lives of others.  Her Husky Ambassador faculty advisor describes her as a critical member of the group's impact and success.  They share that she is always quick to step in and take action and always follows through with execution of tasks and/or ideas..    


jamaria hunter

Goldsboro High  (Goldsboro)

JaMaria Hunter is a worthy candidate for this Harvard Book Prize. JaMaria is certainly a student leader, and wears her title of Junior Student Leader respectfully. She has served in many roles at the school and in her local community since her freshman year and continues to do so. JaMaria is currently in SGA (Student Government Association), FBLA (Future Business leaders of America) and NHS (National Honors Society). Her level of commitment to her organizations and clubs can be witnessed with her dedication with planning, leading fundraisers and hosting community events, in addition to activities at the school level. All while maintaining a 3.5 GPA. Her ability to multi-task and juggle various activities is admirable.


Linna borden kornegay

Spring Creek High (Wayne County)

Linna strives to be a leader both in and out of school. She is the Junior Class President and takes pride in creating a better atmosphere for her peers. She is a member of the Wayne County Junior Leadership program. Selected students by community leaders enjoy learning about our  local community and how to become a better leader. Linna works hard in the classroom as well, she is an all A student and is ranked number one in her Junior  class. Her academic curiosity drives her to ask thoughtful questions and participate in class discussions. As a member of the Varsity cheer, tennis and softball team; she is very active in our school community. When she is not at school she enjoys spending her summers volunteering at the Hospital. Linna is always the first to volunteer and help someone. She is a friend to all.

Linna pushes herself to take Honors, Advanced Placement, and College level courses.  Linna is a member of the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and National Technical Honor Society.  Linna was selected as a top student recommendation for the North Carolina Governor's School summer program.  Linna plans to attend a 4 year college and major in the medical field.  Linna is a distinguished Spring Creek Gator  who is well respected by her peers.



Caitlin buzzard

Carrboro High School


Our student body consists of incredibly high achieving students and Caitlin stands out in a number of ways, not only for her Academic excellence, but more importantly for her consistent show of school pride through music and her unwavering interest in finding ways to get involved in our school community and community at large.

Caitlin is a dedicated AP and Honors student who has very high expectations of herself.  She provides great insight in her classes and her enthusiasm feeds off on her classmates.  She is a talented musician and shares her talents with the Pit Orchestra here at CHS.  She is also an avid learner of 4 different languages, including being fluent in Italian.  In addition to her efforts in the classroom, she also participates in several clubs and Honor Societies, including both National Honor Society and the National Technical Honor Society to name a few.

Caitlin is always willing to offer her assistance and has an excellent rapport with the entire faculty and staff at Carrboro High School.  She is a motivated, curious, and creative person who has a clear sense of direction and purpose.


megan howard

Lejeune High School 

Megan Howard is one of the best and brightest students to attend Lejeune High School.  She is most incredibly pleasant young lady I have had the pleasure to work with in my career.  She is an outstanding role model who is well respected by her peers.  She is an amazing, mature, intelligent, strong, positive young woman.  Megan’s dedication to her academics is evident through her high GPA, high-test scores, class rank, special academic honors, and challenging course selection.  She manages all of this while balancing community service, school activities with leadership positions, and time for family and friends.  She is extremely well rounded participating in Thespians/Theatre Guild, LHS Marching Band, as well as participating in athletics.  She is active in National Honor Society and tutors our students afterschool during Homework Zone after school and during school hours as needed.  

Megan would like to major in Social Work and Psychology, while minoring in Criminal Justice. For the past couple years she has worked with an organization called Guardian Ad Litem who act as advocates for children in family abuse cases. This has inspired her to study social work and act as a future advocate for others

donovan marshall

Jordan High (Durham)   

Donovan has been serving on our student leadership team in the band this past year. This is the first year Jordan has had an active drumline in quite some time, and Donovan has had a pivotal role in its success. He has been a role model for his younger peers, and always goes above and beyond in being prepared for our performances and events. He is always calm and professional and communicates well with our staff team. Those traits have helped establish an inclusive culture where students are excited to show up to practice and perform and grow as musicians.

Donovan is a talented and well-rounded musician and has performed in almost every ensemble we offer. He isn't afraid of taking on a challenge and seeks to learn and grow every day that he's in the building.

Another teacher said Donovan is very dedicated to learning and growing his Spanish skills. He always participates in class, encourages his fellow classmates to do the same, works hard and brings a general sense of positivity and joy to the classroom. He is passionate about his academics, but also is an active member in the school band. He balances his extracurricular activities well with his rigorous schoolwork and overall is just an amazing young man.

Donovan has taken rigorous coursework in high school and plans to take courses at the community college next year. He has maintained a GPA above a 4.0 and plans to pursue.

Maria foust    

NCSSM (Durham)


Maria Foust is a junior from Asheboro who attends the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. An outstanding student, Maria is deeply engaged with ideas and text. She is an active participant in class discussions and brings both curiosity and insightful analysis to the topics and texts discussed in her classes. Whether in her American Studies, Research Experience in the Humanities, or her Chemistry classes, Maria approaches her peers with mutual respect and support and encourages them to embrace deep learning.

Outside of the classroom, Maria is an active member of many clubs and organizations. As a primary member of the planning team for this year’s AfricaFest, Maria worked with her peers to arrange, create, and execute a two-hour cultural festival titled AFRICAFEST: Love in Between!. Committed to effecting positive change, Maria participated in the North Carolina Senate Page Program and has spoken against Senate Bill 49 and House Bill 40 at North Carolina's General Assembly and the North Carolina Association of Educators’ state conference. As one of the few gymnasts of color in her hometown gym, Maria has used her tumbling and leadership skills to mentor younger gymnasts of color.

Annabella borta 

NCSM (Morganton Campus)


We nominated Annabella Botta for her exceptional academic accomplishments, which will lead her as far as she wants to go. We also recognize her magnificent contributions to different social and environmental causes, such as: volunteering at a hospital and at an assisted living home; participating in the beautification of a coastal zone in her home county; getting a Red Cross certification to be a more careful and prepared baby-sitter; and by showing her support to the Latino community. Her path to success started a long time ago, and just like the Great Wall of China having more than 3 thousand million bricks that make it a long-lasting, strong, and beautiful construction, Annabella’s work is made up of pieces that are slowly but surely building up what she can call “Her own triumph"

anthony santiago

Jordan Matthew High (Siler City)

Anthony Santiago is a first generation Latinx student who has excelled in and outside of the classroom at Jordan-Matthews High School. As a vital member of the Orgullo Latinx Pride Youth group in Siler City, NC, he gives back to his community through volunteering and has grown in his leadership.


During Women’s History Month, he developed a project that helped to educate the youth group about 24 remarkable women in history. He devised a Bingo-like game that made the lesson interactive and fun. For the Jordan Matthews Culture Week, he showed leadership by announcing the culture trivia questions and answers for the day and coordinating the flag parade.

Anthony is excited about the prospect of attending a four-year university when he graduates. 

One teacher wrote about Anthony,“He has shown so much academic improvement since the beginning of the 9th grade, really showcasing his true academic potential. He also has more than 150 hours of community service where he gives back to the community. He is an exceptional role model for youth and is passionate about social justice issues that affect our community.”