The Harvard Club of the Research Triangle Presents

Historic Black schools and sharecropping: A  discussion with Documentary Filmmaker Claudia Stack

Monday September 26, 2022 7:00-8:15 pm EDT 

Claudia Stack’s (Ed. M, HGSE) award-winning documentaries about the Rosenwald schools and sharecropping have screened at festivals, universities, and other venues, including the National Trust for Historic Preservation Rosenwald School conferences.   Stack worked for over twenty-five years in education, with a focus on at-risk students and first-generation college students. 



During this virtual presentation for the Harvard Club of the Research Triangle, Stack will present two of her short documentaries and lead a discussion of the themes that emerge from the films. The two films are:

Sharecrop: Delta Cotton (2018)  features stories from the life of Sylvester Hoover, who was born into a cotton sharecropping family in the Mississippi Delta in 1957. Hoover recounts his family's struggles to access education and voting rights. He also paints a vivid picture of daily life and the unrelenting toil of even the young children on cotton plantations. Hoover reflects on his upbringing, the peonage system, and his feelings for the land and Blues music. 

Lessons from the Rosenwald Schools (2022) uses clips selected from hundreds of interviews with alumni and former teachers, this film illustrates thematic experiences of historic black schools.  Dr. Newkirk, an educator/alumnus of these historic schools, and Ms. Stack, an educator/ filmmaker who has been documenting African American education heritage since 2003, help viewers understand how the schools fostered a culture of excellence. The film reveals practices that were common in Rosenwald and other historic black schools, specific teaching strategies that are validated by current research, and recommends ways that we can move forward together. 

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What:  Historic Black Schools and Sharecropping:  A Discussion with Filmmaker Claudia Stack
When:  Monday September 26, 2022 7:00-8:15 pm EDT
Where:  Online Zoom Discussion
Tickets:  Tickets are free for HCRT Members, but registration is required to receive Zoom link.

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