HBS Alumni Angels Virtual Global conference: EMERGE STRONGER II

Join the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels for their annual global conference, October 26th-27th.  

New Opportunities in a Technology-Driven World

Join HBS for this two-day event to hear from world-class entrepreneurs, successful investors, HBS faculty & leaders in innovation. The world of technology – and in fact the entire world - has changed dramatically during the last 24 months. As companies and individuals have been dealing with the pandemic and its effects, technologists have been working on ways to continue the pace of innovation while dealing with entirely new ways of working together.

Never before has technology played such an instrumental role in business. Entrepreneurship has been transformed. Entrepreneurs are bursting with ideas as they experience the changes first-hand. We see platform-wide as well as industry-specific visions coming into fruition.

But where does this leave us? How can investors keep up with – and ahead of – the seismic shifts we continue to see? How can entrepreneurs turn their ideas and technologies into global-impacting brands? And what are the best exit strategies that investors and entrepreneurs should be pursuing?

Please join us for a continuation of the 2021 EMERGE STRONGER conference to bring us up to date with the latest developments and shifts in investing and entrepreneurship. At this two-day event you’ll hear from world-class entrepreneurs, successful investors, HBS faculty and leaders in innovation. We’ll have presentations and interactive panels, as well as private break-out rooms for greater discussion.



What:  HBS Alumni Angels Virtual Global Conference 

When:  Wednesday, October 26th, and Thursday, October 27th,  from 9:30am to 4:30pm EST (both days).

Tickets:  This online event costs $119 for the general public.

Registration: For more information and to register, please visit the event site, here.   All registrants will be emailed the links to the Zoom meeting on the morning of the event. 


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