horizontal-logo2    Harvard Ed Offers:  Beginning Yoga and Strengthening

Join the Harvard Ed Portal for a virtual, twice-weekly Beginning Yoga and Strengthening series!

The Monday evening sessions will focus on yoga and stretching. Work on your flexibility and relax while having fun! We will focus on refining movement patterns and stretching the different muscle groups through basic yoga poses.

The Wednesday evening sessions will focus on building strength through bodyweight exercises. No special equipment is needed! The flexibility and body awareness you gain by attending the Monday evening session will help you develop muscular endurance and tone in this fun and engaging strengthening workshop.

Event Details: "Beginning Yoga and Strengthening"

What:   Virtual Yoga with Harvard Ed  

When:  Mondays and Wednesdays during November 

Where:  Online class 

Registration:  This class is free for alumni, but registration is required.  Please register here.  


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