Harvard College Interviewers Needed

Please volunteer to interview applicants to Harvard College

The HCRT Schools Committee is seeking interviewers for the 2021-2022 interview season. One of the most important functions of any Harvard Club is to assist the Admissions Office by interviewing applicants to the College.  Our Schools Committee needs your help to ensure that each applicant gets the chance to have an interview. Graduates of Harvard College and recent grads are especially helpful, but our committee is open to all Harvard graduates in our region, from Hillsborough to the Outer Banks.

This year all interviews will again be conducted via telephone or videoconferencing.   Interviews are assigned, and reports submitted, via an on-line system that makes the logistical aspects of the process quite simple. Interviews typically last about 45 minutes. 

If you would like to become an interviewer, please contact our schools committee directly:   John Kim at