shield-smHarvard College Interviewers Needed

Please volunteer to interview applicants to Harvard College

Would you like to interview applicants from across the eastern half of NC on behalf of Harvard College?  The interview process is informal, and can, in serendipitous moments, also include information-sharing or mentoring on common interests.  If you are reluctant to make judgements about these young candidates, please remember that we offer Admissions only a report on a brief (30-45 minutes) meeting, which is most often used as a confirmation of previously received material and comments from the students' schools.

If you are interested in learning more, we will review the interview form at least by the time that this year's Interview Handbook is issued.  So, as long as you are willing to give Admissions a few numbers on a form and a few thoughts or reflections about the students you meet, you may have a chance to make a real difference for a promising young person, their family, and hopefully for Harvard as well.

If you are interested in joining our team, please do both the following: (1) fill out the online questionnaire at the following and (2) fill out the interviewer interest form with Harvard at

Please contact our S&S Chair, John Kim, with any questions or concerns at